translated from Spanish: Neighbors in Tlalnepantla are organized crime

neighbours and neighbours in 151 communities of Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State, have become a great network to address and prevent violence and delinquency in coordination with the police municipal and officials from different areas of the local government.
They carry out meetings, meetings, working sessions, travels and explorations, in addition to using whatsapp groups, neighborhood alarms and digital applications to deal with insecurity and reconstruct the fabric of coexistence, order, justice and peace.
Neighborhood safety nets are a current municipal government’s strategy to engage stakeholders on fold levels of insecurity.
In the first phase of this initiative, 324 alarms were installed at points of higher crime incidence of the municipality; each camera has a coverage of 240 homes, which represents almost 33 thousand homes connected to the neighborhood networks, for the benefit of 116 thousand people.
The municipal President, Denisse Ugalde Alegría, recognized the importance of citizen participation in this project, since your cooperation – from March to date, the crime incidence has been reduced, according to information from the Executive Secretariat of the National public safety system.
Regular meetings are held with the inhabitants of different colonies which are incorporated into this strategy. Appointment is also given to meetings the Mayor and Commissioner of public security, Alejandro Villar of the harness, as well as sector commanders and different areas of management giving continuity to the concerns, questions and demands of the public.
This has resulted to recover the community connections with the authorities, allowing you to restore confidence and strengthen police proximity to neighbors.
It is an initiative that promotes social intelligence, so it is essential to the neighborhood comuniadad information provided about where, how and when crime, committed because this allows you to redirect the police actions to the conflict zones.

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