translated from Spanish: Pharrell, Rihanna, Axl Rose and other artists who have called to Donald Trump for not using their songs at their political events

Donald Trump has had a turbulent relationship with various artists before and after assuming the Presidency of the United States.
And, from 2016, the list of singers and bands that have demanded Trump to stop using their songs at political events only increased.
In a letter sent to Donald Trump last week, the musician Pharrell Williams banned us President used in their public actions their song ‘Happy’ (happy, in English), as well as the rest of his compositions.
«The day of the mass murder of eleven human beings in a synagogue at the hands of a crazy nationalist, you sounded her song ‘Happy’ to the public of a political event in Indiana», says the document sent by the representatives of Williams.
«There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted on our country on Saturday and had not granted permission to use this song for this purpose,» Notes message.

Technically, United States copyright gives carte blanche to the politicians for use in their recorded music campaign rallies, but provided that the place of the Act have license of one of the associations of composers in the country.
However, there is scope to make an artist complain if you think that your reputation or your picture may be damaged by the repeated use of the song without his express permission.
And with his message, Williams joined a long list of artists who have banned Donald Trump used his music at their events, which since also joined Rihanna and Axl Rosede the band Guns n Roses.
Axl Rose and Rihanna Axl Rose criticized that the song ‘Sweet Child O’ used Mine’ Guns n ‘ Rosesdurante a rally in West Virginia on November 2.
The lead singer of the band reported on Twitter that it «asked formally that their music is not used in rallies of Trump and other associated events».
As it Rose, Trump is taking advantage of certain «gaps» in the granting of licences to use songs for political purposes without the support of the authors.

Rihanna, meanwhile, also went to social networks to distance itself publicly from Trump this weekend.
After that he appeared in the Washington Post that their song ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ was ringing in an act of Donald Trump with Marsha Blackburn, the Barbados singer wrote on Twitter that «neither she nor its people it hopes never to one of those tragic rallies».
In addition, Rihanna has supported publicly Florida candidate Andrew Gillum, of the Democratic Party.

It was during another campaign, the 2016, when artists first began to ask Trump to not use his songs without permission.
And the list includes numerous other stars or their heirs. Here are some of the best known.
Adele during the elections, the campaign team of Donald Trump chose the success of Adele «Rolling In The Deep» for a rally in South Carolina, in 2016, prompting representatives of the singer to publish a statement of rejection.
«Adele gave his permission so their music is used in any political campaign», said the spokesman for the British pop star.
Neil Young earlier, Trump had also used the «Rockin’ in the Free World» by Neil Young – a hard statement against the Presidency of George Bush Sr., when he announced his candidacy.
Young, renowned liberal, it demanded that Trump might use the song and declared its support to the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.
REM Trump also employed the theme of REM «It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)», which povoco that the singer of the group, Michael Stipe, issued a hard statement: «Do not use our music or my voice for his stupid campaign».
Lawyers for the star of the Group Aerosmith Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, also sent by 2015 to Trump campaign a letter that asked him to stop using the «Dream On» success during its meetings by the United States.
The letter said that the fact that sounded like the song gave «the false impression» that Tyler supported Trump in his presidential race.
Trump responded in Twitter that had the right to use the song, but that he had found a «best to replace it».
«Steven Tyler has received more publicity for your request on the song than it has had in 10 years. Well done! «, replied the Tycoon.»
Elton John Elton John music fascination of Donald Trump is widely known. However, the British singer is an open critic of the President of the United States.
And, during his election campaign, John publicly denounced the use of his songs ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ at the beginning of rallies of Trump.
He stated that staff had nothing against her but that simply their political ideas not in combined.
«Why do not ask you fucked Ted Nugent or another one of those whores stars of the Country let you use their music? Sure do you,»said Elton John.
Then it emerged that the singer had rejected the offer of singing in the event of his presidency.
Rolling Stones may 5, 2016, Mick Jagger asked the then US Republican candidate Donald Trump who did not use the music of the Rolling Stones for their campaign.
The song ‘ You cant always get what you want’ rang at least four times before the rally of Trump in the town of Carmel, in the State of Indiana, where he achieved an important victory.
The members of the band had to ask the President not one, but twice to stop using his music.
«The Rolling Stones never authorized Trump campaign to use his songs and asked to stop doing so immediately,» said the spokesman for the band in a statement.
Finally Mick Jagger gave up and said that it was impossible to stop the team behind Trump.
Queen after his victory in the Republican primary, Donald Trump was so excited that he sounded the Queen’s 1977 classic «We Are The Champions».
After the alert of many fans, Brian May said that the politician has used it without permission of the authors and that further usage, the band would take legal action.
He also clarified that Queen has never accepted that his songs be used for political purposes.
George Harrison in July 2016 the family of the deceased Beatle, George Harrison, sent a message on Twitter claiming that the use of the song ‘ Here Comes the Sun’ during the Republican Convention was not authorized.
The theme sounded in the moment in which the daughter of the candidate presented his father. «It was offensive and viola the wishes of the heirs of George Harrison,» the family said.
In return, the relatives of the musician suggested with irony that if the chosen topic was ‘Beware of Darkness’ («Beware of darkness»), perhaps they would have allowed it is.
Luciano Pavarotti also in July 2016 the family of the late Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti said that he would have never approved the use of his performance of the aria «Nessun Dorma», from the opera Turandot of Giacomo Puccini, in acts of Donald Trump «as members of» «his immediate family, we want to remember the values of brotherhood and solidarity that Luciano Pavarotti said through his artistic career are entirely inconsistent with the vision of the world offering the candidate Donald Trump», said the statement.
Prince in October this year the heirs of Prince asked the President of United States, Donald Trump, to stop use of Minneapolis musician songs at their rallies.
«The legacy of Prince has never given permission to Trump President or the White House to use the songs from Prince and has asked that all use ceases immediately.»
The brief note, distributed through Twitter by a brother of the late singer-songwriter, and one of his former partners, comes after the well known Purple Rain sounded like an act of Trump in the State of Mississippi.

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