translated from Spanish: Police ruled out having hit young during funeral of inmate murdered in Santiago 1

police ruled out having killed a young man during the funeral procession of Kevin Garrido, who was convicted by the installation of dría explosive coughing and was killed last week in the criminal Santiago 1. Sebastián Orellana was with a skull fracture after being hit with a blunt object, and then was run over, allegedly by a police vehicle, causing him other two exposed fractures. The institution said that the incident took place around 15:45 hours of yesterday, where «a person who moved in a funeral procession for the route 5 South Board the ‘pick up’ of a pickup truck, along with an undetermined amount of subjects with danger of accident» arriving at exit 19-S, personal institutional carried out an audit to the mentioned vehicle.» They added that «at that time, the appropriated person suddenly descended from mobile, crossing Highway ungodly way, so was unfortunately hit by a tract truck circulating in those instants on the highway». Police said that «without waiting for the arrival of an ambulance, the injured was admitted to a particular vehicle and transferred to a medical center, where there were serious injuries», adding that the situation was reported to the Ministry Public.

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