translated from Spanish: Reiterates the Mayor of Buenavista, Michoacán, his tenure

Morelia, Michoacan.-the Mayor of Buenavista, Michoacán, Gordiano Zepeda Chávez, reiterated his tenure at the head of the municipality of the municipality of Tierra Caliente, that said, decided to see that the Government supported the village security.
On October 18, through his Facebook account, Mayor published his resignation following the murder of the senior officer of the Directorate of security, what the Mayor terracalentano said that the fear of an attack persists is against as well as any inhabitant of Buenavista, given that violence reigns in the municipality, by the criminal groups dispute.
On the above, Gordiano Zepeda said security was reset thanks to coordination in the field, and in the municipality is “feel a different atmosphere”, coordination, he said, have been without the need to sign the agreement between Estado-Municipios, which It has promoted executive power.
He explained that 30 elements of the police in Michoacan, 30 ministerial, 6 remain State units and supported by the Mexican army. It ruled out having the intention of renunciation of the rest of the members of the City Council after the attack.
“There was fear of resignations to be presented, but it did not. The wounded receiver is waiting for rehabilitation and will be returning to work”, he said.

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