translated from Spanish: Roll-up screens: your next TV can come in a tube

one of the stars of the CES this 2018 («Show of electronics for consumers» for its acronym in English) was rolling television from LG, that although it was only a prototype stole all the looks das advance their State of development.

As you can be seen in the video (courtesy of CNET), 65-inch screen uses a new system OLED which does not need a backlight source, allowing that handle it freely. Thus, it is possible to deploy it depending on the user’s need: only a small portion to display controls and notifications, or different heights to adapt to the resolution of the image being projected.

The rollable display from LG | Image: LG according to documents it agreed the site Engadget, LG plans to resubmit this technology during the CES in January, and it is estimated that it could be a final version for consumers that would reach the market in 2020.De according to other reports the company would also speak of the future of their phones, in particular, their plans for a folding device as he is expected to present Samsung in the next few days. LG is one of the leading manufacturers of screens in the world. Last year he launched the online Signature OLED W, a screen of only six millimeters thick that is mounted to the wall using magnets and includes all the components on a separate device.

The rollable display seem to be the natural evolution, but if the Signature OLED W had a price of 8000 dollars in the United States, we can not imagine the price of this new wonder.

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