translated from Spanish: The first migrants of the caravan arrive in the city of Mexico, a «crucial» point in his journey

A cloudy and rainy city of Mexico will receive in the next few days most of the thousands of migrants from the Caravan that came out of Honduras on October 12.
The first hundred came this Sunday and are already grouped in the bleachers of the stadium Jesus Martinez «palillo» of the Mexican capital.
They are visibly tired. Most, just arrived are covered with blankets that gave them and cast to sleep.
«It has been an extremely difficult journey. Especially for children. We have walked many days, suffering the inclemencies of Sun, rain and sometimes we went hungry,»says one of them.
The city of Mexico to reach represents a hope for migrants.

«It’s the place that we feel more secure,» said Rodrigo Abeja, the NGO people without borders, which has accompanied the caravan from its inception.
Like all those interviewed by BBC World, bee considered to be «crucial».
It aims at the reception in the capital has been better than in other States and with a more humanitarian view, since they sent in advanced medical, psychological attention and food units.
«Are going to keep locked» migrants hope that the city of Mexico is a meeting point for the different waves of people walking in the country, between 5 and 8 thousand, according to different sources.
«We here will know what to do from now on», says BBC World Guadalupe Garcia, a migrant Honduran.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage Captionsegun testimony from migrants, their welcome in the Mexican capital has had a more humanitarian approach. Just so he is considered the various humanitarian organizations.
«In addition to ensure the spaces, take care of the health and nutrition of people on the move in Mexico City have a very important role: give people information to make the best decisions», explained to the BBC the Chairperson of the Committee of The capital, Nashieli Ramírez human rights.
The people of the Caravan is humble and unknown laws of Mexico and United States, which can lead them to make decisions without knowledge, says BBC World Leticia Calderón, researcher of Instituto Mora.
«You have to do is give them information and they decide for themselves. For example, how a process to stay in Mexico or of immigration policies at this time in the United States, even in the context of American elections», explains the studious of the migratory process.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionMiles of U.S. soldiers will expect migrants to prevent their entry into States Unidos.La last week in the lobby of the mid-term elections of mandate (6 November), Donald Trump, the President of the United States announced that his Government is preparing a hardening in the management of requests for asylum to his country.
«We are going to catch, we are going to stay locked until the hearing of asylum or deportation,» he said in a meeting with reporters at the White House.
So far, people seeking asylum remain released under an umbrella known as parole, allowing them to remain in the country until it held the trial about their immigration status Trump: U.S. plans to stop «for years on» huge cities of tents»asylum seekers»these illegal caravans will not be allowed in the United States and they should turn around right now,»said Trump, who described the arrival of immigrants to the border of»invasion».
In addition, threatened them that the military can shoot them in case of being attacked.
Mexican in favor and against for its part, the Government of Mexico announced a plan called «You’re in your House» which aims to facilitate the status of refugee to the thousands of Central Americans.
«Mexico wants them protect and support. The only way that we can do this is if you regularize their stay in the country and comply with our laws,»said President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionLos migrant rejected the plan of the Mexican President for on the grounds that it does not respond to the causes of ‘exodus’. He said that you referred to a program of temporary employment and medical care. Was one of the main conditions that migrants will remain in the southern States of Chiapas and Oaxaca.
However migrants said in an open letter that the plan does not respond to the causes of ‘exodus’.
The statement says that they do not want «cities or States prisons» and ensures that he needs a dialogue in the city of Mexico, so they continued their March.
The first of them are already in the capital of the country.
They are part of the first Caravan that left Honduras more than 20 days ago.
Thousands of migrants are in the State of Puebla and others further behind in Chiapas.
The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who will take possession on December 1 promised work visas to migrants wishing to stay in the country.
According to the prestigious pollster Consulta Mitofsky, this proposal polarizes society: while 51 percent of Mexicans surveyed supported the progress of the caravan, a third of them rejects them and wants is to press them so that they return to their countries.
Supporters called for solidarity with Central Americans. Those who reject them argue that migrants mean more insecurity for the Mexican population.
Exodus unprecedented although most of the migrants are from Honduras, there are also people in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Nicaragua. In the latest wave is primarily people who departed on October 28 in a caravan from El Salvador.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionAlgunos calculated that the number of Central American migrants in Mexico is located between 5 and 8 thousand. In the city of Mexico, there are dozens of people have turned to help the newcomers.
Among them is Amanda Súcar, a daminficada of the earthquake of September 19, last year.
«I received warm clothing during the cold I felt in my life.» «Now I am in a situation a little better and I want to help in what I can: I don’t want to think these people that you are coming to a country in which we are going to mistreat», says.
Other moments in history in which United States militarized its border with Mexico to the capital of Mexico. This is a new situation, says the President of the Commission on human rights of the city.
«We have never received so many migrants in one fell swoop, it’s an exodus unprecedented. «In addition to being a country of transit, destination and expulsion of migrants, Mexico can become a country of refuge: that requires new public policies that she address this situation», says.
For now, in the stadium where expected arrive thousands more migrants in the coming days, authorities are quick to raise huge tents that protect them from the rain and the cold.

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