translated from Spanish: UDI by asylum to Palma Salamanca: ‘France can’t look at the ceiling and allow lack of respect for Chile’

the President of the UDI, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, criticized the decision of the French Office of protection to the refugee «I and Apatridras (Ofpra), which granted him political asylum to Ricardo Palma Salamanca and his family.» It is not a decision of the President Macron, it is a decision of an office (…) but is a decision of the Government responsibility to give asylum to a person who is accused of terrorism in Chile. The Government is responsible for, they have to take care that they are giving asylum to a person who was judged, they have to take the necessary steps to reverse this. (…) It is calling into question the rule of law in Chile and that is a lack of respect,»told radio Duna.La Senator stressed that»France cannot look to the ceiling as a country and allow lack of respect to a friendly country like Chile. You have to allow that the treaties are respected and an office can not pass over that. (…) But we are passive accomplices of terrorism.»» We believe lousy this cloak of protection is generated with a person that was started in the prison», he said. The helmsman said «it is strong» there is none of the perpetrators of the crime of Senator Jaime Guzmán, «who is paying with prison crimes of this nature», therefore hoped that «support so this is an institutional problem».

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