translated from Spanish: AMLO is saved from million dollar demand by the airport that was not

the contractors of cancelled $13,000 million city of Mexico airport discarded to file a lawsuit against the country’s next Government, said the future holder of the company State which controls the airport sector in the capital.
The helmsmen of companies with multi-million dollar contracts held a “friendly meeting” with the President-elect, Obrador Andrés Manuel López, and two main advisers, said Tuesday the next head of the airport group of the city of Mexico, Gerardo Ferrando, in an interview with Radio Formula. Among those attending the meeting on Monday are the Executive President of Empresas ICA, Guadalupe Phillips, the Executive maximum of Grupo Carso, Antonio Gómez, and Carlos Hank Rhon of the Peninsular.
“No one wants a legal battle,” said Ferrando, who will headline the GACM when Lopez Obrador takes office next month. “I will meet with the contractors again this week to discuss the details”.
Lopez Obrador has canceled the airport then last month that nearly 70% of the 1.07 million participants in a national referendum on the draft to vote against. The President-elect had campaigned against the terminal, one of the largest projects of infrastructure of Mexico, saying that it was a waste of money and that it was rife with corruption. Work had already begun in the enclosure, which would replace the current congested airport of the capital.
It was not possible to contact or ICA or with Carso, controlled by billionaire Carlos Slim.
Alternative that generates questions the future Secretary of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriu, and the next owner of Hacienda, Carlos Urzúa, also attended the meeting, according to local media.
The incoming Government indicated that one option would be to transfer the contracts to build the airport to a new project that contemplates the conversion of a military base in Santa Lucia, but some experts reject this alternative.
“It is not legal,” said Gonzalo Sánchez de Tagle, Mexico City Attorney who specializes in constitutional law. “Contracts must go through public procurement and, legally, the current contracts are linked to the airport project”.
If one of the reasons why Lopez Obrador canceled airport was because he was worried about corruption, it has no sense to transfer the contracts to St. Lucia, explained Juan Francisco Torres, partner of the law firm Hogan Lovells attorneys.
“It sounds schizophrenic”, he said in an interview.

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