translated from Spanish: Book launch «open: management of disputes and justifications» in UDD

launch book «Abi «erta: management of disputes and justifications» Eugenio Tironi in Auditorium Cuprum, Campus girl, Universidad del Desarrollo, Av. Plaza 700, Las Condes Wednesday, November 7, 08:30 hours.
Epidemics, floods, nuclear accidents, disappearance of animal species. Every day there are overflow confusing technical, human and natural causes. They sow uncertainty and placed into evidence the limits of scientific knowledge to prevent them, contain and channel them, at the same time that legitimize the value of knowledge of non-specialists. With 17 years in the field of corporate communications more creative use of their discipline, sociology, lead to Eugenio Tironi to propose a robust and original conceptual architecture, with cases and tools that bring closer it to the needs of companies, public entities, institutions without profit, educational institutions and social movements. Open proposes a methodology to know face disputes with the social actors directly involved in this crisis and build a reputation from the «place» where dwells the conflict, the culture where the organization is located, the interest groups that you are relevant, as well as his career and aspirations. Open becomes a reading for those who are curious to discover a new approach in the conduct of any organization to today’s world.
November 29 this book will be presented at the Adolfo Ibáñez University.

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