translated from Spanish: Budget 2019: Seeking to close the negotiating table, Frigerio exposes in the Senate

finalizing the details of the treatment in the Senate face by 2019 budget, the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, met yesterday with the President Provisional Senate, Federico Pinedo, the head of the block of Senators of Miguel Angel Pichetto federal peronism and the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Emilio Monzó.De this way, Frigerio laid the groundwork for what will be their step by the Commission in today Budget of the Senate where it is expected there is assent to the ruling party. There, the Minister of the Interior shall inform the Senators change and the opposition over the details of the agreement with the Governors for the 2019 budget.

Indeed, the negotiations culminated in modifications with respect to aliquot of cooperatives and mutuals and the personal property taxes. These measures will be treated through two separate projects that the Chamber of Deputies shall sanction before November 30. “We are confident that we will have significant support in the sector of the opposition which has always guaranteed the governance and that has placed the need to go to the country before the party issues,” said Frigerio after the encounter with Miguel Pichetto. 

Frigerio next Gioja before speaking in the Committee of budget and finance Deputies the Government is committed to have the votes necessary for approval of the law for Wednesday 14 November. In today’s debate will start 14.30 with the presence of representatives of cooperatives and mutuals, as well as the members of the Committee in question. 


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