translated from Spanish: City Council appoints Francisco Duarte as Deputy Mayor of Quinta Normal

The morning of Tuesday, the City Council of Quinta Normal chose to Francisco Duarte (DC) as Deputy Mayor of the commune, in replacement of Carmen Gloria Fernandez (DC), suspended by the Electoral Court for 60 days by infraccio serious n standards of administrative probity of its functions. 
The session was tense, and although the opposition has most 5 of 8 Councillors, consensus was not achieved. After two votes that failed the majority of votes, applied the law and was appointed to the most voted councillor in the municipal election of 2016, which is Duarte, he appropriated the second. 
Carmen Gloria Fernández was suspended for his responsibility in the non-payment of social security contributions by officials of the Development Corporation of Quinta Normal since January of 2017 to April this year, in addition to irregularities found by Comptroller 2014 school integration program-related. 
With respect to the approaches of the Councillor PPD Sandra González, who questioned Duarte had been director of education occurred when events, the Deputy Mayor said «I have no impediment. Innocence is not shown, the Chilean legal system is the guarantee that I and you are innocent. And if anyone says otherwise, should demonstrate it.» 

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