translated from Spanish: Cristina Girardi before the debate of safe classroom: the Government thinks that the camera “weighs less than a pack of goats’

“We are hard-pressed and are urged,” said the Minister Secretary-General of the Presidency Gonzalo Blümel to justify the speed that the Government wants to give it to the classroom S Bill egura this day began to refer to the Committee on education of the lower House.
However, this trouble the Government collided head-on with opponents deputies present in the instance, put cold cloths to the Executive who sought to stretch to the maximum deadlines for the processing of the initiative that has immediate discussion.
The PPD Cristina Girardi, President of the Commission representative, complained that with his attitude, the Government considers that “the camera weighs less than a pack of goats” and stressed the need to listen to the specialists invited to the debate.
“There are some who want to not listen to anyone, that we vote so no more, express, and I believe that this is not just for the Commission or for those who have asked to come to talk about this issue and that we are interested to participate in the discussion” He said.
The intention of Girardi was vote Monday, November 12, but at the meeting of this day be paved to the possibility of the project is put on Thursday 8 November. “I will talk to the table, and I will do everything possible so that tomorrow and Thursday do Marathon sessions,” said the head of the Commission.
Settled the point, the parliamentary officials alienated with the Government on the need for clearing the project quickly, while Communist Deputy Camila Vallejo reminded the Minister Marcela Cubillos, present in the instance, as several of these materials are included in the project that seeks to ensure the protection of the members of the school community in cases of violence in educational institutions.
DC Mario Venegas Meanwhile called on the Government “to change her name to the project, is no longer safe classroom, because there is an inconsistency, and not the project entered the Senate”, in reference to the changes that suffered the initiative during its passage through the upper House.
Discussion on the Education Commission will continue tomorrow from 10:00 hours.

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