translated from Spanish: Employers worried about recession: «the country goes through a very serious situation»

the leader considered that the Government for, «this is the only way, but it is wrong; There are many other possibilities, such as combinations of instruments of economic policy, resort to controls on foreign trade and price agreements, give you another solution to short-term Central Bank liabilities». In relation to monetary policy developed by the Government and its recessive effects on economic activity. Also review the problems associated with high levels of inflation.

«Companies put in very difficult situation to handle, with a rise in costs that if they moved it to prices are with a market so recessive, and lose the little market that have», he added. In a radio statement, Challu commented: «we have situations like that you are seeing in Acindar, Canale, and many companies than they have closed their plants, they laid off employees. And others that are turning to preventive crisis process to prevent its closure and not to mention the situation of SMEs «.

In its opinion, «if we add the recessive trend increased zero amount of money in circulation, when we have 30 or 40% of inertial inflation of costs, that will lead to a much stronger recessive impact».

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