translated from Spanish: For all fans of the «Harry Potter» saga: this is film that returns to cinemas

the world prepares for the arrival in theaters of «fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crimes», the sequel to the spin-off namesake, based on the book of the escr British J. K. Rowling.La itora history corresponds to the world of the films of the «Harry Potter» saga, however, has nothing to do directly with the history of the sorcerer but it simply related. It takes place in its universe and takes some elements and references.

November 15 is the premiere in Argentina’s «fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crimes» and the cinemas beat it in a special way. You can relive its first part on the big screen.

Eddie Redmayne as Newt in ‘ fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crimes «Yes, you read well. «Fantastic beasts and where to find them» returns to national cinemas from Wednesday 14 November, day tickets are half price. They are already available through advance sales.

The film will be available in the cinemas, Hoyts, Cinemark and Showcase (Belgrano, North, Haedo and Quilmes). So it is a good opportunity to revive the plot in the prior to the arrival of the second part. So even more palpites the premiere, we show you the trailer for «Grindelwald crimes»: fantastic beasts: the crimes of Grindelwald Harry Potter

Fantastic beasts and where to find them film

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