translated from Spanish: Government through the account the army case per diem: Navy stays with Chief of joint staff

The so-called travel case provoked a new blow to the army. Although this branch it was appropriate this year stay with the head of the Joint Chiefs, the Government finally opted to appoint as titular in office to the Vice Admiral of the Navy, Rodrigo Álvarez Aguirre.
Alvarez, who had assumed the post as Deputy, was ratified with property in the post on Tuesday to find out the composition of the Naval high command of the year 2019 approved by Pinera.
It should be recalled that the former number two of the army, John Griffiths, I loomed as the letter of this branch to take over as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, but resigned from the institution after his indictment in the so-called travel case.
The designation of the holder then it became dormant, waiting for the formation of the new high command of the army, a process that has been extended by several weeks due to intense checks the background of applicants to leave work cleans all suspect the new staff of the army.
This process would be completed this week, and everything indicates that there will be a radical renovation. But apart from that, it has already had as first gasp army must compromise on its claims to meet with the head of the Joint Chiefs.
This position is a key figure in the military structure, given that it is the body of work and ongoing advice from the Ministry of national defense in matters that relate to the preparation and combined use of the armed forces.” Among their functions “include advice on the strategic leadership in the States of constitutional exception and in particular in cases of external war or international crisis involving the external security of the Republic”, cases where the President of the Republic delivered to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs command and strategic leadership of the means of Defense.
Meanwhile, the high Naval control of the year 2019 of the Navy proposed by the Commander in Chief, Admiral Julio Leiva Molina, includes in addition to keeping Alvarez at the head of the Joint Chiefs, a total of 17 ascents and 11 withdrawals.

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