translated from Spanish: He was detained for theft to the brother of the thief who killed

J.M.S. Chocobar, 17-year-old with a history was arrested in the late hours of Monday by members of the police of the city, in the neighborhood of Barracas. It is the half brother of Pablo Kukoc, the thief that Luis Chocobar police killed in December of 2017.Estuvo prisoner three times in the last four months. The first time was on July 13, when agents of the city police were alerted by neighbours on two suspects in bicycle that had broken a window and stolen belongings in a van parked in a corner of the neighborhood of Barracas.

The second arrest was on October 29, when the police arrested him in La Boca. They accused him of stealing a cell phone to a ciudadanao on the corner of Patricios Regiment and Lamadrid.El Araoz last occurred Monday, when a police officer of the police station barracks circulating ATV was alerted by a neighbour about the outburst of a cell at the intersection of Ruiz Diaz de Guzman and Olavarria.

The complainant referred the characteristics of the child that had assaulted her and, after a brief chase, police arrested the boy. Under N ° 7 court ordered his transfer Institute Inchausti.

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