translated from Spanish: Miguel Krassnoff sum another 13 years in prison for kidnapping qualified

the Court of appeal of Santiago sentenced exintegrantes of the Directorate of national intelligence (DINA) for his responsibility for the crime of kidnapping Juan Carlos Perelman Ide, qualified in the context of the so-called “operation Colombo”. The first Chamber of the Court of Appeal sentenced Pedro Octavio Espinoza Bravo, Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko and Raúl Eduardo Iturriaga Neumann to 13 years in prison, as co-authors of the crime. In addition, determined that other 26 exagentes should purge 10 years and one day of imprisonment. and Samuel Enrique Fuenzalida Devia to 541 days in prison, with the benefit of conditional remission of the penalty. The Minister on visit Hernán Crisosto managed to prove that “in the morning of February 20, 1975, Juan Carlos Perelman Ide, militant of the revolutionary left (MIR) movement, was arrested in an apartment in Providence, by State belonging to DINA, who was taken to clandestine detention spaces called “Barracks Newfoundland” or “Villa Grimaldi”, in La Reina, which was guarded by numerous armed guards and which only had access agents of that organization”. In addition, the judge established that “Perelman Ide remained in”Villa Grimaldi”without contact with the outside, blindfolded and tied up, being continuously subjected to interrogation under torture by agents of the Dina who operated in the barracks, which were in order to obtain information concerning members of the MIR, to proceed with the arrest of other members of that organization”. Subsequent to these events, Perelman “was last seen by other detainees a day not determined in February 1975, the absence of any precedent that establish a final destination to date”. Its name “appeared in a list of 119 people, published – without which there were corresponding corroboration-, in the national press who were then on a list published in the magazine”o”DIA” of Brazil, of date 25 June 1975, which subsequently could be ” determine that it only was circulation on that date, realizing it that Juan Carlos Perelman Ide had died in Argentina, along with 58 others belonging to the MIR, because of internal quarrels that arose among the members of that political organization Chilean”. The ruling concludes that “publications that gave dead named Perelman Ide, victim of a homicide perpetrated by people related to their political ideology, had their origin in disinformation maneuvers planned by DINA, and carried out by” agents of the same organization abroad”. Finally, in the civilian aspect was revoked the verdict that sentenced to the Treasury to pay compensation to relatives of the victim. It should be recalled that Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko is currently serving more than 100 convictions for more than 650 years of presidio, due to crimes of violations human rights perpetrated during the military dictatorship.

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