translated from Spanish: Modern times, challenges ahead and the value of gratitude

Aglaeé Montoya is a woman of her time, and thus transcends the call for social inclusion which launched this weekend during the closure of the international meeting of motorcyclists gargoyles Fest, the Sinaloense.La municipal President of Angostura and other two mayors – Culiacan, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, and Navolato, Eliazar Gutierrez angle – presided over the ceremony for this event which, according to its organizers, promoting motorcycling responsible, family and as a tourist attraction. On this occasion, the festival brought together over two thousand motorcyclists from 14 States of the country, as well as of States Unidos.La Mayor Montoya stressed that the event took place without a single incident that regret, but on the contrary: healthy fun and harmony they were the hallmark of the festival. This demonstrates – he said – that we should not judge people by their tattoos, their piercings, or by their clothing, and the example she, personally, have it in your home: Ricardo Martínez, rider and one of the organizers of the event, is your spouse and father of her children. I was there on the presidium, next to it, with his bandana on the front and his rosary around the neck. New times in politics, nor anyone who doubts it. ALL THE STOPS. Sergio Torres Félix, farmers and the aquaculture Health Committee yesterday made a kind of Pact: endorse the first national in shrimp farm production. Although this success was already reached in the previous season, the current challenge is doubly complicated, front damage caused by 19-E storm and Hurricane Willa.Sin however, «we must with what,» agreed to the proposed match, and even exceed, the 62 thousand tons of the product. The State Secretary for fisheries and aquaculture, Sergio Torres, toured yesterday of work aquaculture farms of Navolato, together with the director of the State Committee of health aquaculture of Sinaloa (Cesasin), Santos Quintero Benitez. The purpose: Verify that the processes of planting and harvesting of the shrimp are carried out in strict adherence to the standards of health and safety that marks the federal regulation. Torres Félix emphasized the commendable coordination between aquaculture producers and the Cesasin. The result: the quality of the shrimp produced in Sinaloa, great size and volume, as well as remarkable hygiene, which allows acceptance in domestic and international markets. TRIBUTE TO NARRO. Noblesse oblige: yesterday, the Governor Quirino Ordaz made an emotional recognition to one of the Federal officials of the six-year term which ends have mostly helped Sinaloa: the Secretary of health, Jose Narro. «» Really appreciate you all the support that the doctor Jose Narro has given us because he has cracked with Sinaloa, has been facing here, and at all times complicated, difficult, senses, sinaloense society, why has our greatest gratitude», expressed you the President during the tour that yesterday the Secretary, where he made several announcements made: equipment for 60 million pesos of the Hospital of the Carrizo, in ten days starts the construction of the new Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa and still later the buildings of the new general hospitals of Culiacan and Mazatlan, the latter with a 80 percent advance. Also it was launched the ninth stage of the national campaign of cochlear implants, which held 21 surgeries to equal number of children under five years old; prostheses were completely free of charge, but valued at 500 thousand pesos are each. Enhorabuena.En Note:

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