translated from Spanish: Open Mic poets incisors in Barrio Yungay

of the incisors poets open mic in Barrio Yungay in Cumming, Ricardo Cumming 524 Pocket square. Cumming subway.
Friday, 9 November, 19:00 to 22:00.
Free admission.
Poetry ‘Incisive poets’ collective invites poets, writers and musicians to participate in his 3rd open mic, which will take place in the plaza de Pocket Cumming (Cumming subway cost), on Friday, November 09, 19:00 to 22:00 hours.
Poets and writers will have five minutes to read his texts, while musicians may play two songs acoustic (voice & guitar).
The poets incisors aims to be a means of dissemination of Chilean media poetry and music, as well as also to generate spaces for these artistic expressions in Chile.
Its program radial incisive “frequency” can be heard on, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 23:30 to 01:00. For more information, you can visit their website “are instances to give space to various poets and musicians looking for places to show their work. Our goal is that the culture is an essential part in the development of the people, and without culture is going to be impossible that there is a development as a country. I am also grateful to all those who have confirmed their attendance at the event and leave guests to all and all the artists that they want to join. Close the event on this occasion is Carlos Huaico, who is also a poet incisor, as well as a prominent musician and theatre director. You are playing Guitarrón Chileno and I know it will be a great presentation,”said Gabriel Morales (poet incisor).

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