translated from Spanish: PAMI: Ensure that there will be cheaper drugs

the President Mauricio Macri said today that “after 20 years the PAMI returns to buy medications without intermediaries,” introducing the new Convention signed by the body to make direct purchases laboratories.” We had a weak and unbalanced PAMI, and now we have a solid and strong PAMI”said Macri. In addition, he said that from the new purchasing system, achieved a “68 percent discounts on cancer drugs”.
The holder of the PAMI said that in “three months, many products are much cheaper”.

“Now the bargaining will be one-on-one with laboratories. The payment will not go more to cameras that represent laboratories, but the organizations that gather to pharmaceutical colleges. “And the most representative: the information which, for more than two decades, processed it, validated and liquidated the pharmaceutical industry recovered the PAMI”, said Sergio Cassinotti.

To the official, the agreement “is really very important, historic” because “no one has had encouraged before”, at the time that emphasized that “the living end”. Macri and Cassinotti presented the new purchasing system in the laboratory Pablo Cassara, located in Mataderos.Desde there, the President said that “e-prescriptions will be a true revolution” within the social work of retirees, and opined that “they are making wonderful progress”in the body. According to the head of State, the announcement “clearly favour to small, medium and large companies”, stressing that the pharmaceutical industry “already exports to the world”.
in this context, assured that “have generated a competitive, transparent procurement system” that allowed “down up to 40 percent”.

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