translated from Spanish: Police Chase ends in University of Tamaulipas

the afternoon of Tuesday, a Police Chase came to the facilities of the Tamaulipas North technological University, in Reynosa, once the subject to whom the authorities were seeking is shelter on campus, which activated the Security Protocol.
According to a statement from the University, the alert originated by an accident vehicle off their premises. «The driver of the crashed vehicle interned to South parking area, so the authorities began with on-site inspection,» he explained.
Rector Juan Rafael Zubiaga said in the message that was to alert and protect all students, teaching and administrative, so, he said, there were no incidents affecting staff.

#URGENTE i offenders, reportedly the Gulf Cartel is dug at the technological University of Tamaulipas. It has transpired that students, teachers and administrative staff are under guard and police already after the assassins. – Raúl Rodriguez C. (@RaulRodriguezC) November 6, 2018, local media reported the entrenchment of criminal suspects at the technological University of #Tamaulipas, in the town of #Reynosa North of #México, They reported that students and staff are under guard – David de la Paz (@daviddelapaz) November 6, 2018

in social networks, users took videos and photographs of the operation which was carried out at the time of the inspection, however the University said that they continued with daily activities supervised by security personnel.

«We thank our staff for the commitment of people to our students and the authorities for its prompt response», the statement explained.

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