translated from Spanish: Soledad Rodríguez delivered messages Alvaro Salas would be sent before demand paternity

Soledad Rodríguez, the woman that he filed a lawsuit against comedian Álvaro Salas for the paternity of her 17-year-old son, in Trego some details about the messages that he would have sent him before the judicial process. In the programme network “intruso” read some of the texts he would have written “Viva el Lunes” driver. Space panelists claimed that they were “shocked” with the tone used by the comedian.” “Here there is not only a cordial dialogue phrases… here for example tells you ‘you are exquisite, and I can’t say it in front of him (the son)’ and this is this year”, said the journalist Michael Roldán.Otros of messages, which would have been sent then announced the demand , they said “do not want to answer the phone because your head says one thing and your heart another” and “going to expose the child to the vultures of show business”. Rodriguez, who was on a mobile phone in the program, said that to receive this kind of text she felt depressed. “I didn’t know if he was going to get to talk to me, and I want to avoid those moments because I wanted to regularize all this,” he said.” I not screened all messages, and can understand that, because there are some very strong pressure for me not to say anything,”he said. The applicant stated that messages also is it alluded to the health status of rooms. “He told me that he was sick, that he was taking pills,” said Rodriguez, without specify if this was used as a way to prevent the presentation of the demand. Yesterday the same program of entertainment said that the comedian ran out of defence since his team of lawyers had resigned, this then that he expressed his dissatisfaction with his work before the three tests of DNA that gave positive.

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