translated from Spanish: The Government got opinion budget and 14 votes

the ruling party got today in the Senate to give opinion for the 2019 budget after the presentation of the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, and after a heated debate, with controversy in e l peronism and claims for the restitution of the Sojero.Cambiemos Fund had the backing of the Salta Peronist Juan Carlos Romero of the interblock Federal, and Rodolfo Urtubey, the only member of the Peronist bloc, who signed the opinion to the project you will be able to be voted on November 14. 

The rest of the senators who make up the caucus chaired by Miguel Angel Pichetto refused to stamp their signature on the project, as it was the case of the cordovan Carlos Caserio, the Carlos “Camau” Espínola, the Santa Fe Omar Perotti of Corrientes and Formosa José Mayans, who also crossed it in stark terms with the Rio Negro and Frigerio.Durante his exhibition, the national official admitted that budget 2019 was prepared in a “difficult economic environment” but stressed that, along with the addendum to the consensus Fiscal 2018, They agreed with “80%” of the provincial representative. 
The exhibition of Frigerio was surrounded by several Peronist Governors claim to restore the Federal solidarity fund, known as background soybean, who was eliminated by a decree of President Mauricio Macri. Formosa Senator, José Mayans, Governor Gildo Insfrán man, accused the Government of “appropriating illegally Fund soybean”, and was seconded by the Catamarca Inés Blas and Santa Fe Omar Perotti, who joined the requirement to restore the Fund’s between 50 thousand and 80 billion pesos that was coparticipaba between provinces and municipalities.

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