translated from Spanish: Video: so he shot and killed a thief police who received Bullrich

images known today show the time that Carla lawns police shoot and kill Ariel Santos, one of the two thieves who tried to steal a Chinese supermarket in the bar Buenos Aires made Caballito.El River occurred in 2016 and was tested after that the offender was unarmed when he tried to launch his motorcycle to flee. The police was acquitted on Friday and yesterday was it received by the Minister of security, Patricia Bullrich.
The actor, who now serves on the city’s police, was acquitted in a ruling divided after a trial that was accused of «homicide aggravated by excess in the fulfillment of a function».

Bullrich agent lawns | Photo: Twitter that same day, the Minister of security, Patricia Bullrich, praised the sentence and the performance of the police.

In 2016, the official Carla Céspedes was faced with two thieves; one was killed and the other escaped. The Defense tried to imprison it’s lifetime and in a momentous ruling Justice acquitted her. Change means to take care of those who risk their lives for the safety of all of us – Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich) November 2, 2018 the mother of Santos, Adriana Rodríguez, said he will appeal the ruling, whose bases will be known Friday pr month, and remarked that «what did justice is tremendous,» because the images that are «are terrible. You can see how they are killing my son in the back. If I say that it was a shootout… But here, no, I finished him off from behind. And he wasn’t armed.»
The film record was taken by security camera outside of the supermarket «The world», in the street Estivao 99, metres from the Ramos Mejía, he entered to steal Santos and Héctor Walter Corroncini on December 22, 2016.El Court in Criminal and C orreccional N ° 14, Hugo Norberto Cataldi and Miguel Angel Caminos voted to absolve the police, while the judge Bistué Beatriz Soler voted in dissent. 

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