translated from Spanish: What said Olmedo after the collapse of the stage was where blessed

«what happened the day of the blessing of the shepherds was something wonderful,» summarized Salta Deputy Alfredo Olmedo in audio that made circular when the stage collapsed at the He had just be blessed, facing presidential elections in 2019. The man is convinced and continues. Perhaps encouraged by what of that «If you fall off ten times, you wake up another ten». Thus, mentioned after the episode of the fall, speaking of the change that the country needs and mentions God whenever you can.
«I have no doubt that the presence of God was,» Olmedo said after the incident. 

The salteño said that «striking that did not break absolutely nothing nor nobody was harmed». 
Emboldened by the triumph of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Olmedo seeks to emulate it in these lands. And so it was as he changed his plans in the last week and ruled out his candidacy for Governor of Salta to fight for the political Presidencia.El of the yellow jacket takes charge of the comparisons and shown safe for its decision. «I have no doubt that I will be the Argentine Bolsonaro,» he warns in their networks.
Olmedo, which opposes laws such as the equal marriage and gender identity and celebrated the rejection to the voluntary termination of pregnancy, says that it defends the family as «cornerstone of society» and decided to show already on several occasions with Evangelical pastors.
«I have no doubt that God has placed the blessings in Argentina and will change, not only the Government, but government policies that led to break a family», he says in the audio that he recorded after the blooper in the Universal Church. 


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