translated from Spanish: Why is November 6 the day of Stranger Things?

since his arrival in the streaming caused furor. The return of the ‘ 80s, a group of lovers inseparable friends of games and science, fantastical creatures and seasoning of the supernatural.» Stranger Things,»came a 15 July 2016 to Netflix and caused a furor. The suspense chapter-to-chapter history and affection for its characters guaranteed you a second and even third season, in addition to various repercussions around the world.

The impact on audience – highly pro – made him a place in the podium of the most popular series. It became one of the most successful of the multimedia contents platform.» Stranger Things,»celebrates this November 6 day. In addition to putting into effect the attraction to science fiction, the cinema of the 1980s, and the waffles, the series already has an own date.

Noah Schnapp is Will Byers why November 6 was the date chosen?
A brief review on the first chapter. A night in which everything goes normally, a group of friends composed of Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Will (Noah Schnapp) is playing «Dungeons and Dragons». No one suspected anything about, that day – from November 6, 1983 – Will Byers disappear, or rather, it will be kidnapped. It will be the same day, that the children will encounter addressing with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). you leave a review of this first episode!

It is mentioned day today, its protagonists celebrate. Through a video published on social networks – containing fragments of the original series-, they announced the reason for his joy.
What is known so far above the third season?
It was confirmed that «Stranger Things» will feature new episodes. Despite this, still not have revealed many details: there are too many rumors, and with the passing of the days, increases the anxiety to discover what’s next. Recall that the second season left ajar the door so that the story continues. According to transcended information, estimated that the monster – known as shadow or the Desuellamentes – will return to haunt the children and the village of Hawkins.

Millie Bobby Brown and end Wolfhard | Photo: Instagram @milliebobbybrown this is not all. In the presentation of «Worlds Turned Upside Down», the creators and brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer assured that next season will be the most «funny and disgusting». In addition, you will feature nods to great masters of horror like John Carpenter, George Romero and David Cronenberg.Pese that still did not reveal any teaser, trailer and release date estimates that it will in 2019. Could it be the date chosen for a new advancement today?

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