translated from Spanish: Why Trump is winning and not Hillary who agreed

if the Liberal Americans want to identify those responsible for political success and Government of Donald Trump and his possibilities to maintain Republican control of the legislature, should not be go very far for the responses: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment. The problem with American Liberals in that are not heard more than themselves. Unlike the politicians who ruled for entrepreneurs, Trump is a businessman who rules for people who hate the structure of power; and he discovered that people – voter – actually speaks of rights when you want to justify the degradation of welfare; Why Trump dedicated himself to restore well-being and forgot to civil, racial, human rights. Trump phenomenon revealed – it is not known if it was his intention or if he discovered it on the road and boosted it – politicians they are committed to that is people to fix their own necesariato and which are hostage to their own rhetoric. The model Obama that the United States needed and must share decline was changed by Trump: first Americans, because if doing well to them would have to go to the allies. The intellectual debate in the United States remains dominated by the Liberals of the establishment’s power. Why heterodox analysis are despised. In his recent book the courage of despair. Chronicles of the year in which we act dangerously, the Slovenian philosopher Slajov Žižek – in that curious mixture of conservative neocomunista – manages to give a dialectical reading to Trump and his victory in November 2016 to point out that the great political triumph of the entrepreneur It was in the American culture. Tuesday, November 6 legislative elections today that will define majorities in the two Chambers have disoriented analysts because they are still doing around approaches to Liberal Democrat dominant power group and not to the new parameters cultural society which has managed to reorganize Trump. In this sense, and by the political leadership of Trump of the Republican candidates, the democratic defeat could be sung. And in the case of the liberal majority, it would not indicate that Trump might lose his re-election in the 2020.De agreement with Žižek, the only one with capacity to make real opposition to Trump is the socialist Bernie Sanders because his proposal is based on a reorganization of liberalism around proposals against the business, banking and military establishment that Hillary Clinton represents. Therefore the best guarantee of re-election of Trump would be on the presidential candidacy of Hillary in the 2024.Los power groups failed in the candidacy of Obama in 2008 and 2012 because he was nominated to serve the marginalized sectors attracted by their condition of racial minority, but Obama devoted his eight years of Government to save corporate capitalism. On the other hand, Trump itself emerged as the Savior of capitalism for the benefit of non-proprietary classes, paradoxically the Americans of County, the productive silent majority against the State and the power structure that had been discovered by Nixon.Los Democrats were wrong the way, wrote Žižek in the days of the 2016 campaign, because they chose him to failure of Trump; and if your project has just been running?, he wondered. In today’s legislative elections Tuesday will know if voters vote for the establishment or the results. At the end, anti Trump welfare – climate change agenda, for example – became the agenda for economic growth, employment and well-being. The logic of the Liberal Democrats–Clinton and Obama–and his conservative allies – the Bush – was based on U.S. global responsibility, while Trump’s held with the argument that first the Americans. So Trump is winning the battle of the wall immigration and deportation. The liberal agenda of rights in the sixties – Kennedy and Johnson–was achieved at the expense of sacrificing welfare majority. Not abortion concern supporters of Trump, they want that the clinical anti abortion does not receive tax money. The Democrats did not understand the social logic of the 2016 election. Sanders explained it: «is not enough to say: I am a woman, vote me.» «What we need is a woman who has guts of face Wall Street, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the fossil fuel industry». There Obama failed: it was not sufficient that an African-American will govern, but that he did so in favour of economic powers. Citizens voted, says Žižek, the disaster (Trump) and not (Hillary) survival. And they earn. Policy for dummies: You are fired! (They’re fired!)

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