translated from Spanish: You have just been promoted? Advantage to invest in your heritage

receiving the news of a job promotion always is pleasant and motivating. The challenge come with perks as a better standard of living, which would allow you to accomplish one goal more: take your pay rise to invest in real estate.
This is the case of Sofia, a manager’s level means you received a promotion and this became synonymous with to improve their quality of life. Three years ago that he joined the company, lived far away and spent several hours a day in move, not be moved because the rent was cheap and wanted to save. But, as usual, his new post required greater availability of time and I didn’t want that this was a disadvantage to accept the proposal.
For some time, she and her spouse had wanted to invest in a property, but felt that they lacked adequate financial solvency. Sofia joined the Infonavit portal, and gave high bills and were unable to verify how much money they had saved and how much money lent them to buy a new or used home even to build on land they had.
With this information, they knew that they could apply together for a spousal credit which would allow them to have access to a larger amount and consequently make a better investment.
They were the task of finding what was your best option and sought a location that was found near the school children and their works, with good access and nearby shopping malls. Change redituó in significant savings, reducing the cost of gasoline, reducing the time in the traffic, enjoying more children and achieved its main objective: improve the quality of life.

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