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Monterrey, Mexico (agency reform)-a young man who last night would have been deprived of freedom by armed persons was found dead this morning, apparently gunned down in the town of Juarez.

the victim was found in the street Francisco Villa, at the junction with the ninth private, in the Colonia Juárez Ejido, around 8:15 hours.

a source close to the investigation said that the victim would be identified as Miguel Angel Capetillo Avila, of 23 years.

the spouse of the victim told authorities that the victim heard a whistle out of his home, hit the streets, but not already returned.

out to search for him, around 23:00 hours, several witnesses told the woman that gunmen boarded it force to a gold-colored van, from which the model was not specified.

was until this morning that the young man was found lifeless on the public highway, allegedly gunned down.

unofficially transcended that in the place where it was found the body, authorities also found several bullet caps.

Ministerial agents, elements of the military police and preventive staff came to carry out the necessary investigations and interviewing relatives of the deceased.
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