translated from Spanish: ARA San Juan: Prepare two acts of homage to 44 crew members

tonight will begin to travel towards Ushuaia, from different parts of the country, relatives of the 44 crew members of the submarine ARA San Juan. On Thursday, in the southern city port, will be the first act of homage, just one year that the ship sailed toward the sea of the Plata.Esta ceremony is organised by the own family and has the support of the Governor of Tierra del Fuego. In addition, authorities of Salta and Jujuy provided passages for families who travel from the North.

The San Juan out of Ushuaia from November 8, 2017 in dialogue with FILO explained that it will be a «simple» Act that will talk about Isabel Polo, sister of the first Daniel Alejandro pole out, and Lucía Zunda, sister of Lieutenant of frigate Adrian Zunda Meoqui.ACTO in sea of P LATAEl November 15, in the Base Naval Mar del Plata, Argentina Armada will be another tribute. In that place, which was the fate of the missing ship, the command of the submarine force will receive in symbolic form a flag of San Juan and then there will be a religious ceremony in honor of the crew. As agreed with the families, there will be no reference to deceased technically 44 sailors hold even the condition of desaparecidos.EL last CONTACTOEl November 15, 2017 Navy lost the position of the ship and its crew: 43 men and one wife, Eliana María Krawczyk, the first diver to obtain the post of officer in the history of argentina. The morning of that day there was contact at 7:30. It was the last communication with San Juan. It was learned was in the area of operations of the San Jorge Gulf, 240 nautical miles (432 kilometers of coastline), to the southwest of the Peninsula Valdes. 


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