translated from Spanish: At the UN, China scorns allegations of mass arrests

Geneva (AP) – once again, China despised Tuesday the criticism about the way it treats ethnic groups, by saying at the European headquarters of the United Nations that allegations of abuse s of human rights by some countries were «politically motivated». During a review of the UN to the performance of the country in the field of human rights, China characterized the region in the far west of Xinjiang as an old focus of extremism that has been stabilized through «training centers» that help people to get labour skills. Moreover, some of those who were detained in these centres have been described as political indoctrination courses facilities, where Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities were forced to renounce their beliefs and swear allegiance to the ruling Communist Party.

Previously, the UN reported of credible reports that up to a million people are detained through this form of extrajudicial arrest. During the evaluation of the Tuesday _ which is part of a process of review newspaper of each Member State of the Council of rights Humanos_, United States, Japan and other countries urged Beijing to address growing concerns about the way in which locked to the Muslims in Xinjiang.El, Chargé d’affaires of the United States, Mark Cassayre, urged China to «immediately release hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people» arbitrarily detained in the region. The representatives of Canada and of the United Kingdom said that the situation of human rights in China has «deteriorated». The Deputy Foreign Minister of China, Le Yucheng, shrugged off the criticism. «We will not accept accusations motivated politically from some countries, which are laden with prejudices,» said Le.Yasim Sadiq, the Mayor of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uighur, he said at the meeting in Geneva that current policies are in line with the wishes of the village. He reiterated the frequent assertion of China thanks to its methods has no attacks in the region from 21 months ago and that «apprentices», which were ‘controlled by right-wing extremist ideology’, have been involved since then in cultural activities and athletic taught at the centers. In this note:

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