translated from Spanish: Mirosevic said Luis Núñez «never took their environment to the dressing room»

the former wheel of the Catholic University, Milovan Mirosevic, referred to the situation of former teammate Luis Núñez, who is wanted for his alleged involvement in a shooting in La Legua, where there was one dead and one injured.lee also: former footballer Luis Núñez is fugitive investigation for manslaughter «was an outgoing type, he had no problems with anyone, although coach should usually motivate him in a special way in order to make the best of» it. The dressing room never took things related to their social environment, although it was always with people. On the Court, it was quiet, you angry at times when not the ball came to him, but I wasn’t aggressive,»said the reference Segunda.El cross commented that»since he was as a very good footballer. It was always very good for the ball. The problem was that it cost the harshness of the sport, was not very disciplined workouts, diets and all those routines that require being a professional footballer. But football terms it had a gift and took advantage of it.» Mirosevic lamented that Nuñez not has been able to keep in a sports line «that has allowed him to have a stable and permanent career».

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