translated from Spanish: Offender assaults store in the Cologne Campestre the springs of Morelia, Michoacán

home security offender assaults store in colonial Campestre Los Manantiales in Morelia, Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-with a gun a s ubject raided a convenience store located in the colonia Campestre the springs, in the area west of the city of Morelia. After consummating the crime, the thug fled before police arrived.
The robbery happened approximately at 12:40 hours of Tuesday referred business located on the corner of the streets Springs Quinceo and springs of Morelia, sources close to the police authorities, which indicated that the type was mentioned the coup in a solitary way.
Also it was known that the individual was clear skinned, medium complexion, black hair; He wore a black vest, bermuda’s sky blue shirt, blue denim (cholo type), black socks, white sports shoes and wore a black hat.
The tramp fortunately not hurt those in charge of the establishment, only seized cash and merchandise, consecutively departed. If you recognize this or have any indication of his whereabouts please report it to the 911 emergency number or the patrol.

Original source in Spanish

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