translated from Spanish: The Cutzamala pumping is slow, service will be normalized until Saturday

the pumping of water from the Cutzamala system, after maintenance work, has been slow but expected that at 10 o’clock in the morning on Wednesday the distribution network and the t You anques storage to function in a normal manner, reported Ramón Aguirre, director of Mexico’s water system (Sacmex).
At press conference the official explained that the water arrived first to the tunnels of Tarasquillo, and then to Cuajimalpa because «the pumping started slow,» so he warned, it will be «the toughest day of the Court more water».
With respect to the announced that it had previously given the national water Commission (Conagua), on the replenishment of water starting from the 1 in the morning, Aguirre said that it will be up to 10 o’clock is achieved when the supply of 11 thousand liters per second.
In this way, it calculates, city of Mexico water service will be restored entirely from Saturday.
conagua ensures that it had complied with objective in the Cutzamala system
on the other hand the national water Commission (Conagua) said that maintenance work met the main goal of installing line of high pressure 2 that will redundancy to the Cutzamala system.
I.e., exposed, having a second line of water that will allow in the future to maintain the system without stopping operations and discontinue the provision.
In a statement, he said that it is precisely the individual operation of both lines of high pressure which will later allow the «K» piece that will interconnect both lines, without the need for paros to the Cutzamala.
He confirmed that at 6:45 in the afternoon on Tuesday launched the opening of the Cutzamala Protocol in order to restore the supply in block to the system of waters of the city of Mexico (SACMEX) and to the Commission the water of the State of Mexico (CAEM).
First, he said, was the filling of the high pressure line through the opening of the clear water tank.
He added that, as the line was reaching the necessary water levels so that each of the four engines could be used, were lighting one to one to the pressure that is required in order to carry the liquid until its delivery to the SACMEX and the CMEA.
He added that to compensate for the days in which the Cutzamala was in maintenance will remain for days that needed the increase of 10 per cent to the flow of water – 15.2 cubic meters per second to 16.8 – which is delivered to the SACMEX and to the CMEA as was done prior to the work.
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