translated from Spanish: Unfinished works in Tamaulipas

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas (agency reform)-major public works Administration accused pan of the Reynosa City Council are inconclusive or shoddy, so urgently needed to regulate the performance of officials and spending exercising, claimed León Alfonso Fuentes, restaurant entrepreneur and former President of the National Chamber of the restaurant industry (Canirac). He explained that two of the three registries that were built in the current Administration will not operate to be inconclusive and other works, and that repavimentan avenues with levels higher than the boca-calles, while there are hundreds of blocks in colonies that They seem to break-throughs.” See, for example, the 278 carcamo which is abandoned. It already has more than one year half, the basin do not end it, and is not only the, Cárcamo ten, which made an investment of 55 to 60 million pesos, we see that they turn it on and turn it off, it works half”, he criticized. The current municipal administration, headed by Maki Ortiz Domínguez, he said, has been remiss in forcing the contracted construction companies to comply with the specifications of the works that are running and are not worth that taxes paid by waste the citizenship. He questioned the Department of public works to give priority in spending to resurface or rehabilitate large avenues, when hundreds of streets in the colonies have no or caliche.

Foto:AgenciaReforma see as boulevards seem to carvers, recycled pavement and took two or three months, that kind of work is a mistake also because we have good material to bad, and then we see that it is being lifted in colonies such as La Almaguer, ago quarter “or months they paved with concrete hydraulic and is already broken, he said.” “There is that there must be a bond (to repair latent defects), but I think that it does not require the constructor or the person making the works”, criticized. Interviewed separately, Roberto Salinas Ferrer, President of the Mexican Chamber of the industry of construction, acknowledged that there is public works poorly made, and that the cause is different.
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