translated from Spanish: Chancellor: «crime and sentencing of Palma Salamanca took place in a democratic Chile»

the Chancellor Roberto Ampuero strengthened the Chilean response to France, the country that granted political asylum to the former front Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who «he was sentenced for the murder of Senator UDI Jaime Guzmán in 1991.Tras hold a bilateral meeting with his counterpart of Colombia, Carlos Holmes, the head of the Chilean diplomacy stepped of the issues raised by the French Foreign Ministry, which said that the case of Palma» It refers to the history of Chile under Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship».» The Government of Chile has insisted and, especially after what was stated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterated that the crime of Senator Jaime Guzmán, much as research, as the trial and sentencing of the Lord Palma Salamanca took place in a Chile democratic, in a country where rule of law reigns», said Ampuero according to what stated by Cooperativa.Por lack of a Chilean Ambassador in France, which has generated cross-cutting questions, the Foreign Minister reiterated that they are» working on the appointment of Ambassador or Ambassador»and explained that»there are always circumstances that determine the processes in different countries have different rhythm».

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