translated from Spanish: “I saw the attacker, he pulled out a gun and began shooting”

California.-a gunman killed 13 people, including a policeman, opened fire overnight on Wednesday in a bar crowded students near Los Angeles, local officials said.

Police officers talk with a witness. AP police said that the attacker was found dead inside the bar, although he could not tell if he had been shot by the authorities or if he committed suicide. The man joined the Borderline Bar and Grill, where was a student party attended by “several hundreds” of youth, said Captain Garo Kuredjian, the Ventura County Sheriff’s office.
“There is a horrible scene. There is blood everywhere”, said the sheriff of Ventura County, Geoff Dean, to the press.

Dean said that the victims include 11 people who were in the bar and a police officer, identified as Ron Helus, which intervened in the place. The number of injured, admitted to several hospitals in the region, was not yet determined, he said.

Several police vehicles blocked access to the place where the shooting occurred. Photo AP Dean pointed out that it had not the attacker among the victims.” We have no idea if there is a terrorist link or not. As you know, investigations are ongoing and that information will emerge as soon as we can determine exactly who was the suspect and what reasons led him to this horrible event,”said Dean.

Relatives of the people attending the party expect news. “Photo EFE Holden Harrah, a 20 year old who frequents this bar, narrated what had happened.” I saw the attacker, he was dressed in black, with lenses, camouflaged. He pulled out a gun and began shooting,”he told AFP, detailing that it must”crawl”out of the bar and find your self. Borderline Bar and Grill and organized every Wednesday night student, open to young people over 18 years, when generally you must be 21 years old – the legal age for drinking – to enter a bar in United States. The sheriff estimated that the victims had probably between 21 and 26 years old.

A group of young hopes news of those who were in the attacked local. EFE several witnesses who were in the room described a “black sack man”, “bearded”, with a heavy-gauge gun. Matt Wennerstron, a 20-year-old student who also frequented the place, said that the attacker used a weapon. “He made as many shots as he could. Then when he began to reload we got the people there and don’t saw back,”he said. An unidentified witness cited by the Los Angeles Times newspaper said that the man entered the bar at around 23 H 30 local and began shooting with a “black gun”.” Shot very much, at least thirty times. Still I heard the shots when everyone had left the bar”, he added. Other witnesses claimed that the attacker had thrown a smoke bomb. Television images showed SWAT units around the bar and the restless walk of people who saw a night of fun interrupted by violence. Most of the witnesses cited by the American media were college students who described scenes of panic.” Everyone is pulled to the ground quickly. Everyone wanted to leave as soon as possible”, a young woman who escaped with a friend through a window of the kitchen told AFP. Jasmin Alexander, who was with a group of 15 friends at the bar, narrated a scene of chaos and confusion when the shooting started.” It was a normal Wednesday. We were in the bar, having fun, dancing,”young told reporters after escaping from the shooting. “Suddenly we heard ‘bang, bang’ shots and became crazy and people started to push.” ” We thought it was a joke, don’t take it seriously at first because it sounded like firecrackers. And then everyone threw himself to the floor,”said. Chairman Donald Trump said on Twitter that he had been informed of the “terrible gunfight”. It is the second shooting in the United States in less than two weeks.

…. We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service and wish him well! A permanent replacement will be nominated at a later date. – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2018 10 days ago, 11 people died in a synagogue in the city of Pittsburgh, in the worst anti-Semitic attack in States Unidos.En This note:

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