translated from Spanish: Learn the curious spider that is all the rage for his resemblance to a dog

there is a fissure which divides the lovers of spiders who hate them and even have you phobia. However, this specimen, viralizado these days, raises a rare conciliation between the parties. Is that the Metagryne bicolumnata presents a curious appearance that resembles it a dog. Do not you think? Look!

The spider, whose name in English is ‘bunny harvestman’ | Photo: Twitter his name in English is ‘Bunny Harvestman’ and in fact is not a spider, but a «Cousin» of it, according to the settled by its discoverer, Carl Friedrich Roewer, 1959. Who managed to capture it on camera is the scientist and photographer Andreas Kay during a tour of the rainforest of the Amazon in 2017. The animal presents 8 long legs and what seems to be over the head of a black dog with yellow eyes recorded over.

Tells that this arachnid is from more than 400 million years ago even before the dinosaurs populated the Earth, and is completely harmless since it lacks glands. In addition, it is as small as a human fingernail. 

This arachnid, cousin of the spider, is completely harmless | Photo: Twitter is believed that her appearance has to do with a strategy to scare predators, although it is not confirmed.

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