translated from Spanish: Secrecy in the records of the Chamber of deputies

in order to simplify the process of records and match records of the meetings held in the so-called lower Chamber, the idea to remove stenographic and, along with ell records or, the presence of editors (ACE) and stenographers (ACE).
The idea would be that only is the audiovisual recording broadcast by TV camera, along with the audio recording that is saved in the Congress. An initiative that would be being reviewed by the Board of the Chamber of Deputies and which has aroused the hassle of court reporters Association of Chile.
The problem? According to the legislation governing the Chamber of Deputies, the support elements such as audio records, are not public, and not be accessible via law of transparency to them.
The eighth paragraph of article 5 A of the Act National Congress organic (N ° 18.918), detailed the following: “materials of registration of the secretariats of the commissions and parliamentary committees, such as recordings, notes and other instruments of support to” “this work, will be public”. On the other hand, the law does not refer to support items and records of audio and Visual.
A history about the complications of the measure, is a resolution of the Ethics Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, issued on 10 October of this year. The Commission decided to deny access to the records of the Commission of inquiry audio “on the conflict between the shareholders of the company SOQUIMICH, on the occasion of certain trading, and the role that would have had in the authorities of the” previous Government”, better known as case waterfalls.
In August 2018, a member of the team of El Mostrador reports requested via transparency law verbatim transcripts and the audio recording of the Commission of inquiry carried out in 2014.
The request was denied in the first instance, arguing that the records of meetings published were sufficient. Following the submission of an appeal, the Ethics Commission agreed to deliver the verbatim transcripts, but not records audio, on the grounds of the eighth paragraph of article 21 and article 5 ° of the law National Congress organic (N ° 18.918) Law N ° 20.285 on access to public information, which establishes the grounds of secrecy or book.

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