translated from Spanish: Silvina Moreno: «I do not feel identified with feminism, my music is not about that,»

came to the room with his guitar in hand, as if it were an extension in your body. «I always took her to interviews», it said, and with a smile on his face, Silvina Moreno opened his heart about his personal and professional life. The singer will perform in the tangent tonight, 9-11 November, with the collaboration of great guests like Sandra Mihanovich, Rocío Igarzábal, Lucas Engel (Lucas & The Woods), Estela Stier, Benjamín Amadeo and Stefano Marocco. Tickets for the show are available on the website of Ticket Hoy.En this context, the young woman spoke with Ridge and revealed details of his, with just 31 years, became one of the promises of the Argentinian music. Passion since small Silvina when I was little | Photo: Instagram @silvinamusica «I started of very very girl nothing more than singing, dancing and acting in front of the mirror,» said the singer, who understood that their way was the music. For that reason, he decided to study and engage in that environment first in Argentina and then in the United States.» In the USA I started composing, and I fell in love with this proposal; «tell stories, change the night someone, thrill to the other, is a little what artists I admire make by my», said.
«I feel very comfortable with the singer-songwriter genre, being an artist’s songs», revealed.

«I returned on an impulse and because in the US felt alone.» I wanted to see what was happening in my own country, if what was resonating in my land, if there was correspondence, and luckily there was,»said the singer. His songs are autobiographical, depending on what lives each day and inspired him to compose. He confessed, it is considered «sensitive», which creates a constant in his career motivation. Then, he added: «arriving to the country I found a reconciliation be in my own place, do not deny that Argentine but recognize all the nice things that gives me my country and all the nice things that I can contribute as argentina». Composing art in stirring times «art is healing – said-, accompanies, lifts us and connects us». In particular, for any musician to create melodies in our land has a special dye. According to words of Silvina, is not just about music: «Messi is another artist, there are our representatives in the world than the Argentine we have grappled with much conflict, and does not give us fear face it». In addition, the young man has his own secret to escape problems, which consists of laughing at his «drama and intensity»: «Is my way of not seeing everything so negative». Why is considered not feminist?

Silvina Moreno | Photo: @silvinamusica on Instagram medium environment of music, featuring men, women gradually are gaining ground and going strong with talent and empowerment. «Today we are a new generation of women coming out to sing and to inspire. Or no woman I have been able to do it,»said. Even so, it is not feminist part: «there are artists who carry the flag of feminism, and it seems to me that everyone has a right to express what you want. But I don’t feel so identified with feminism, because it is as broad as concept, which encompasses so many things that I sometimes tide, I do not understand well that it is.»
Is it why? «I don’t approach it out there because it’s very conceptual, my music is not about that; speaking of universal experiences, more than being a woman. Sometimes I forget that I’m female, the I cent goes on the side that I am a human being who has things; but I understand that feminism, that break old structures there is», confessed. In the words of the singer, which gives priority to the moment of performing music is the «connection», «company» and «emotions», in which the best that one can be removed. An artist with a future it is millennial, like many of the artists on the scene today: «I am grateful that I grew up in the generation of musicians from social networks because they have helped me a lot,» said. His biggest dream, for the moment, is achieving a long career and that it will inspire a lot of people, and be present while his professional life «moves», every day. Looking to 2019, the young woman said: «a new disc, it comes for the coming year, and keep playing in Latin America. «I’m super excited».

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