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to the Government are you descalibra the economic compass September Imacec figures – the lowest since February, 2017 – received cautiously in the private sector. The report of perceptions of business of the Bank Central, who spoke of an excessive optimism of entrepreneurs, revealed some troubling aspects, such as the almost «non-existent» portfolio that are private in public works and investment, which – is designated – was carried out by already agreed commitments and not providing a new boost for 2018. The flexibility that may come from the hand of the labor reform is now key.
Big fish eat girls startups some comply, others not so, the major technology companies have devoured – and even destroyed – to young and promising startups in the sector. Dismantle the Giants would not help anything. Then… what to do? The column of the day deals with it. 
If NASCAR and the PR factor is finally Friday and can not miss the last run of the week of Mirko Macari.
Ranking mortgage of October the tenth month of the year, made by my best rate, reveals what is the most suitable Bank for you, with the final cost low for a mortgage. Do you want more information? That is what the chart of the day.
Urenda Debuts lawyers amid doubts about their solvency, Gabriel Urenda, formalized in the case Intervalores, premiered new defense. Without editing it tells.

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