translated from Spanish: Urges renewed the CNOP in Michoacan: Víctor Gutiérrez

-Morelia, Michoacan.-demand Victor Gutierrez Gutierrez who is issued the call open to the base and without the impositions as it has already happened in the National Confederation of popular organizations (CNOP) in other times, this once the statuary period of the current leadership concluded on October 16.
In an interview, the former Secretary general of the Organization in Michoacan, said that the PRI should return to its primitive causes, “return eyes to their origins and the vote at the polls, no longer want more impositions that have caused harm to the party;” It’s time to listen to our bases”Gutierrez Gutierrez, did not rule out the possibility of seeking the State leadership of the CNOP,” are expected to leave the call, to see what are the legal terms and based on this to analyze our participation in the ” “contest, every time there is a leader nationally and only there is a manager of the firm”.
It should be recalled that the CNOP is the second force that brings together the largest number of militants and sympathizers in the PRI, which is comprised of all sectors of the population.
This scoop, Víctor Gutiérrez, demand an open call to bases, in a clean and transparent process that gives certainty to its members, but mostly he said “is time of democratizing the election; consult the sector must be the priority for our national leadership and avoid traditional locks, spurious candidates or leaders as will no longer occupy and that goes against the foundations.”
Finally he said that “the Party (PRI) today more than ever is forced to return to the democratic vocation and no one can go beyond the statutory periods; It is time for the formation of strategic alliances with civil society and regain the trust of the citizens.”

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