translated from Spanish: USA is planning to restrict asylum migrants

WASHINGTON.-the Government of Chairman Donald Trump said Thursday that denied asylum to migrants entering the country illegally, by resorting to an extraordinary presidential faculty for reinforce the border while caravans of Central American migrants are slowly approaching to its border. The rules aims to accelerate the rulings in asylum applications, rather than migrants attempting to bypass official crossings on the border of almost 3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles).

Migrants are regrouping to continue to the United States. Photo: EFE but busy border crossings in advance recorded long lines and waiting, forcing immigration agents to ask migrants to return then to submit their applications.  

Measure was in part motivated by caravans from Central American that they walk towards the border, but will be applied to anyone who is caught crossing without legal authorization, officials indicated.  It is unknown if those who make up the caravans, many of them fleeing violence in their countries, are planning to cross irregularly. Now they are about 965 kilometers (600 miles) away. Trump has sworn to prevent you from entering the country.  

Trump Government announces that it will deny asylum to migrants who enter illegally. Photo: EFE new rules will be incorporated into a presidential proclamation which is expected to be issued on Friday, in which Trump will appeal to the same powers that used to drive a restriction to the admission of citizens of certain countries which was ratified by the Cort e Supreme, according to senior government officials who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to not be allowed to publicly discuss the issue. Regulations bypass laws that State that any person is eligible to asylum regardless of how they entered the country.  Federal government officials claimed that to those who refuses them asylum under the proclamation, may be eligible to receive similar forms of protection if they fear to return to their countries, although they would be subject to a more stringent process. Such forms of protection include «deferral of removal» that is similar to the asylum, but does not grant permanent residency for immigrants or the income of their families and asylum under the United Nations anti-torture Convention.  The announcement was the most recent attempt to impose the position of hawks of Trump immigration through changes of regulations and decrees, measures that avoided the endorsement of the Congreso.Pero such attempts have been mostly frustrated by challenges legal, and in the case of the separation of families this year, worldwide condemnation caused Trump to give back-up.
is virtually certain that the new rules will also face legal challenges.

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