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by almost gift water, failure in the Cutzamala works is not to cry. One of the best stitches from my former friend Governor PRI in Tlaxcala, former partner of pages and now Senator morenoite, Antonio Álvarez Lima, was motivated by the failure in the work of the Cutzamala and the shortage of water in the Valley of Mexico.aunque tends to dazzle with its Intelligent sense of humor, said antier very, but seriously, that “the key called inverted K” is ambiguous (as if were pretext of a child who plays with Lego). He asked the Conagua explain why not embonaron parts. “Do not the manufacturers measured them before?, do they handed them over bad?”. He recalled spending to import 500 million pesos, and dropped its sparkling but absurd interpretation: “we think that it is an act of irresponsibility, an extremely serious act of ineptitude, and perhaps also a deliberate act because the water does not arrive to” those areas of the city and the metropolitan area where he was more copious voting for Andrés Manuel… “. Ah chinga!” My imagination ability does not to assume a conspiracy capable of organizing a titipuchal of workers (antilopezobradoristas or simply docile) to perform an act rationally imposible.EL FOOLISH place of always the same purpose problem, with the K not reversed faults are to cry out for the presentation (hopefully with life) of those responsible. Tone also is the consideration of what would happen if these engineers, technicians and workers of the Conagua to work at NASA. Yes, Chucha. And astronauts that is carbonized in a test capsule? And the Challenger that exploded, with the consequent death of its crew? We cannot make hot dogs to contingencies as these days with water supply. Those who live in the capital of Mexico are where should never have a city, since this never reached sufficient River flows to meet demand, but Lakes (one, the saltiness of Texcoco) caught out. The initial error was the mexicas that devastated the middle with the chinampas causing desiccation. Ecocide (this Yes) was accomplished by following the famous trace of complexity of the problem is of colossal magnitudes and inadequacy of money: supply water to nearly 20 million people (among locals and step) costs expensive, but the service is almost given and old and kilometric distribution networks remain plagued by leaks (drain fly still stretches of the Grand Canal, built in the porfiriato!). They are long 500 million pesos of the piece (reusable s) poorly made? As the Government of AMLO should invest 18 thousand 500 million that three years is urgently needed to build the aqueduct West and thus get more cubic meters of water per second. Do what you do, however, it won’t be a sad palliative…

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