translated from Spanish: Why if you have an account on Flickr you should save all your photos (and how you can do it)

Things on Flickr will change. And it is best that you not caught by surprise.
Before there was Facebook, and even much until Instagram came on the scene, Yahoo created in 2004 a platform that allowed its users to upload their photos and videos to share and comment on them in the network: Flickr.
He was born with the intention of creating a community that get in touch to photographers, creative and creators of images. Web site allows storage, editing, organization and labeling of photos as well as upload comments, and account with more than 87 million users, according to the platform.
Google, Apple, or Flickr: what is the best place for your images?
Risks of storing data in the cloud of Amazon, which companies has affected and how to protect files from 2013 offers a free storage to any resolution of up to 1TG (1000GB) of photos and videos. But that will change.
It was one of the first platforms where professionals and amateurs of the image they could share their work. Last April the platform passed into the hands of the company SmugMug. The new owners want to change the terms and conditions of use.
How Drew Houston and Arash Ferdows triumphed with Dropbox, a technology company that Steve Jobs wanted to destroy 8 January of 2019, free accounts are limited to 1,000 photos and videos. The rest of the content, unless you decide to go for the option premium will be deleted.
How download your photos so if you do not want to pay for maintaining your account, but you don’t want to risk losing treasures you may have uploaded to the website, here you will learn what you should do to save them.
1 download only some pictures go to your reel of photos in the menu that says you. Select the images that you want to download. A window with all the images you have selected. Within that window appears to download.
Flickr creates a file. zip which you can access via a link that will allow you to download the pictures you selected.
2 download full albums if you prefer to download complete albums, then you must choose the albums menu you from the top bar. In each of the albums download button will appear.
Own Vice President product of Flickr, Andrew Städlen, said that it was a mistake to offer both unlimited space to users because the platform went from being a for sharing images to a place where to store them. The images will go back to a file. zip that you access through a link.
Download all your photos, if on the contrary you decide you want to rescue all the photos that you’ve uploaded to the platform you have to go to your profile (with camera symbol) and click settings enter the settings on Flickr.
Once there select your data on Flickr and will display a window that says: request my data from the Flickr. choosing this option will do that in a matter of hours the company send you an email with an inthe EC through which you can download all your content.

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