translated from Spanish: 2 dead and an equal number of wounded leaves attack shot in Uruapan, Michoacán

home safety 2 dead and an equal number of wounded leaves attack shot and killed in Uruapan, Michoacan Uruapan, Michoacan.-four men who were at the the a taxi organization Vicente Guerrero and another of the monarch line were attacked with bullets, as a result two of them died and the other pair was wounded.
This was informed by official contacts, it was learned that the event was this Friday morning at the corner of California Street calle Michoacan Ramón Farías colony in the city of Uruapan.
Some witnesses told police that the attackers were traveling on a motorcycle and fled towards the Chiapas Avenue. Of the victims his generals, is unknown since they were not provided by the representatives of the law.
One of the injured was helped in the Avenida Sarabia, because there it was pulled at the time that ran to reach safety, explained the guardians of order.
Municipal Civil Protection paramedics helped the two survivors to channel them to a local hospital, where they were interned. The deceased were taken to the amphitheatre. The issue is investigated by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice in order to clarify it.

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