translated from Spanish: Announces SAT will award prizes for «The good weekend»

city of Mexico. -With a bag full of 500 million pesos, the Ministry of finance and public credit (SHCP) informed through the official journal of the Federation (DOF) that it will reward consumers who use their credit or debit card in «Good order» which will take place from 16 to November 19.
The prizes will be tax-free for cardholders that winners are in the draw that will organise the service of tax administration (SAT).
The SHCP explained that the draw is intended, to promote the use of electronic means of payment operations made by the families. This, he said, is in benefits for producers of goods and services which are located within the formal economy, in virtue that is encouraged to end-buyers to buy in these establishments, strengthening the formal supply.
He said that families for, payment via electronic media is a method that is safe, practical and easy to perform, in addition to the increased use of these payment methods allows the federal fiscal authority better administrative control over the taxpayers, which promotes the fulfilment of tax obligations and translates into higher income for federal funds.
Source: El Universal

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