translated from Spanish: Antiderechos: Tucumán seeks to ban abortions in case of violation

the province of Tucumán, self-declared «pro-life» returns to the news that more than half of the legislators (49 29) signed a project that promotes the protection of the rights rights of pregnant women and «the unborn child». This project incorporates a novel measure generated repudiation in the women’s movement: avoid abortions even in cases of rape. Article 86 of the Argentine criminal code, confirmed in 2012, from the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the (CSJT) in the «FAL» cause, allows abortion on grounds. If the pregnant woman runs risk of life, health complications or her pregnancy was the result of a rape, the State must guarantee a safe abortion. EDGE spoke to Fernanda Fernández, student advocacy, Tucumán and a member of the national campaign for the right to Legal abortion, insurance and free on this province, the project and legal abortion by causal. 

March for legal abortion | Photo: NA «project of what speaking in its articles is that it gives full protection to the unborn child and does not recognize the right of women gestate or to be able to decide on their life project.» Talk about discrimination of the child about to be born, but the principle of discrimination does not act in this way, there is a child, there is a real concept. «In that sense it seems to me that there is a problem of legal status, the embryo has no status of person, rather they are rights that are acquired when you go to developing life outside the womb», indicates Fernandez. Within the Penal Code, abortion of a pregnancy resulting from a rape is legal since the year 1921. «It’s terrible because the project says that violence is to provide you with information but urges that doctors, for example, are pursued and marked by the State to ensure a law that is constitutional,» adds Fernanda.Entre other points, the project seeks to ensure an awareness campaign of value of life, a network of volunteers who provide support to pregnant women who are with them during pregnancy and subsequent months and over the Internet hotline. 
30,000 births that occur per year in Tucuman, more than 5000 are teenagers. 

«A problem serious in the province pregnancy teenager, instead of reporting on prevention, directly understand that women who are minors and were raped, are mothers.» It’s terrible. In addition the project encourages, in the article 21, to the violation of professional secrecy. They talk about false statements, they say that medical personnel, if you have suspicions against what the woman declares, for example if he argues that pregnancy was a result of rape, may denounce it,»details the specialist. These movements, they argue from the campaign, are unconstitutional political moves. «It has to do with the right advanced in our country, with the negative that we give the Congress in August, but also with the conservative tradition that has North, we generate spaces but there are still loose ends. There is a political intent that tries to put a kind of sexual morals», sustains and ends:»No matter if the draft is voted postivamente because they have no legal value. May Tucumán not violate a national law».

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