translated from Spanish: Boca or River who does best at the end of the Copa Libertadores?

boca and River are the faces in the final of the Copa Libertadores after a hard year of work and 12 matches in which had overcome the best teams on the continent to reach the awaited final, which will be the most remembered in 58 year history of the tournament. With almost identical numbers, teams are about to reach the Court, but before remember the path of each one that led him to be just a step up once again, the most important tournament of the team of William America.boca fought and suffered more than enough for Classi ficar to the second stage of the Copa Libertadores, but that was already forgotten. Minded to win the 7th title in its history, the Xeneize arrives as the only one who did not lose in the direct elimination stages and local is undefeated, with many in favor and none against 6. Group Alianza Lima 0 stage – 0 Boca Jrs Boca Jrs 1 – 0 JuniorPalmeiras 1 – 1 JrsBoca Boca Jrs 0 – 2 PalmeirasJunior 1 – 1 JrsBoca Boca Jrs 5 – 0 Alliance LimaOctavos of final Boca Jrs 2 – 0 LibertadLibertad 2-4 JrsCuartos mouth of final Boca Jrs 2 – 0 CruzieroCruzeiro 1 – 1 Bo CA JrsSemifinal Boca Jrs 2 – 0 PalmeirasPalmeiras 2 – 2 Boca Jrs RIVER’s end-to-end, the millionaire ruled in your area without having lost in only game. In the second half of the tournament, it was cross with two large of Argentina, who crushed in the Monumental, and suffered his only defeat in the first leg with Guild. However, what happened in Porto Alegre left in oblivion that party, in a story that will be marked forever in the fans. Flamengo 2 group stage – 2 PlateRiver River Plate 0 – 0 Ind. Santa FeEmelec 0 – 1 River PlateRiver Plate 2 – 1 EmelecInd. Santa Fe 0 – 1 PlateRiver River Plate 0 – 0 Racing Club 0 end FlamengoOctavos – 0 PlateRiver River Plate 3 – 0 Racing ClubCuartos final Independiente 0 – 0 PlateRiver River Plate 3 – 1 IndependienteSemifinal River Plate 0 – 1 GremioGremio 1-2 River Plate

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