translated from Spanish: Calls to draw him 20 years of ID because it raises little in Tinder

Emile Ratelband, a Dutchman of 69 years, made a formal presentation to justice to remove at least twenty years of identity because it considers that it suffers from «discriminac ion». «He argues that their registered age» does not conform»to his physical.» I feel rejected by everyone. I feel that I have between 40 and 45 years old, but in my documents I am 69 years old,»he explains.
«I suffer the discrimination that is the age in these times. «I can not relate in the same way, or request a mortgage or find the work I want to».

TINDER, as shows according to Ratelband, with their real age raised little online social dating Tinder, because «no woman» invites you to a meeting in «these conditions» or answer your messages. It reveals that when he tried to reduce to 49 years age in that application «everything changed radically,» with a photo of profile with an «attractive» appearance, he said.» This is a question of epochal change. Things are not as they were with our parents. We have to build ourselves a new identity because the age is a major issue in our times», underlined this father of seven children, with three different ratios, who was married twice.

This Dutch, which is defined as «a coach in positivity», stressed that his 69 years are «a limit» to «develop a life of normality» and explained that he wants to «do it all in a legal way, instead of lying» in the social networks age or in their curriculum. Ratelband is known in the Netherlands by giving lectures, participate in programs or writing books on Buddhism and positive spirit. And he says that if people «can change their sex or continue to live thanks to a heart transplant» justice must give to him the right to change the date of birth. If processed in a court in the Dutch city of Arnhem, which expected to decide within a month. In this note: EMILE RATELBAND TINDER HOLANDA

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